Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Your mid-season training plan

Here is your training plan for August:

If you feel like riding your bike, take it out of your garage/living room/shed and get on. Start riding.

If you feel like going easy, go easy. If you feel spunky, ride hard. If you want coffee, ride to coffee. Or ride to the next town and see what's there/how your friend there is doing/how the coffee is there.

If you're tired, take a break. Or, ride home and take a nap.

If you still feel energized, ride a little more.

Wave to every single motorist you see, especially the ones who look like they won't wave back. Feel like a fool for waving when people don't wave back. Be that fool.

Go home. Wipe down the chain and oil it. Or don't. Put your bike away.

Do whatever's next. Or don't.

Summer's going fast. Don't forget to spend some time with it.

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