I've been blogging about bikes, the outdoors, and the juncture between mind, body, and nature, since 2008. My previous blog, Velophoria, started out as a love song to traditional road biking: day-long paved rides and  trad Euroculture.

As time passed, I couldn't resist getting into dirt road riding, and then (shudder!) mountain biking. My writing stretched and grew with me. Velophoria contains some of my favorite writing, but the original concept could no longer contain all my thoughts and experiences.

More Sky Better is designed to express this new appreciation for the outdoors: all activities (cool or unfashionable), all  gear (trendy or musty), and all ages and fitness levels are welcome under the tent. It's bike-centric, but there'll be room for hikes, camping, gear reviews, and lots of thoughts about what makes life outdoors so interesting.

It's my aim that, if you simply love to get out therewhether for a walk in the woods at lunch or a week-long bikepacking trip—you'll also want stick around here.

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